Computer Glasses: Designed to Meet the Demands for the Modern Workplace

October 08, 2019

computer glasses with ergonomic design

Before you fill your next prescription it would be a good idea to stop and think about how versatile you need your glasses to be. It’s likely that you have a standard prescription for reading and you use it for your computer monitor, your handheld device, reading a book and probably even the specials board in your favourite restaurant. If so, you may be experiencing eye strain without knowing it.

Computer glasses with ergonomically designed computer lenses (sometimes referred to as occupational lenses), are designed to meet all of the demands of the modern office by focusing your vision to variable lengths.

The ergonomic design of computer glasses allows to see clearly at eye level for about a metre. When you lower your gaze to read, your vision returns to the focal length of your reading prescription. No more eye strain. Some computer lenses even allow the wearer to see across a room clearly without needing to remove their glasses. That’s a great option for presentations or teaching, or any situation that requires your attention to be on larger spaces and many people.

Computer glasses features

That’s not to suggest that there’s anything wrong with single vision reading glasses. If you use them for specific distances then they are excellent for reading and analysing all types of fine detail whether it be images, graphs, numerals or maps.

But that’s not typical of most work environments. If your keypad and reading material are at an accessible focal length then your monitor may not be. You might have become accustomed to leaning forward so you can see your monitor clearly, which is neither good for your vision nor your posture. You may have a colleague who is seated opposite and when you communicate with them they become blurry so you try talking with and without your glasses. Computer glasses can fix both of those scenarios and many others.

So you can easily appreciate how beneficial computer glasses can be. Contact Sydney Optometrist, You & Eye Optical, for an eye test and ask about computer glasses. We can fit the computer lenses to any one of our many stylish frames.

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