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When choosing lenses for your glasses you are addressing the issues associated with vision loss at a specific focal length. However, everyone’s needs are different and the lenses you choose should not only address your prescription but also be appropriate to your lifestyle. You & Eye Optical lenses are thin, lightweight, UV resistant, and can be made in impact-resistant materials if needed. We use and recommend anti-reflective, tinted and polarising lenses.

Single vision lenses address either distance for driving or watching sport, intermediate for computers or near vision for reading. We’ve prescribed lenses to address a specific need like closer perusal of artworks or interests that require intricate attention to detail. Bifocal lenses are lenses that address two distinct focal lengths. There are numerous prescription combinations available however the most common tend to be distance in the top and reading below with a distinct, visible line separating the two.Trifocal lens are lenses with three focal lengths: distance, intermediate and near vision. Trifocal lenses have largely been superseded by multifocal lenses.

Multifocal lenses also known as progressive lenses, combine multiple powers in the one lens. There are no visible lines separating the focal lengths, making a multifocal more aesthetically pleasing, compared to say the bifocal or trifocal. With the help of modern technology and new production processes the adaption time to multifocal lenses is relatively fast and the long term benefits of having lens that can focus to the multiple focal points are significant.

There is a wide range of high quality treatments that will ensure the performance and longevity of your lenses. Treatments can provide clearer vision and better looks, improve durability and make them easy to clean. Maintenance and caring for your glasses and lenses and ensuring they are continuing to work for you is another part of our extensive service. There are lens treatments for UV protection, scratch resistance, anti-reflection, clean coating (to deflect dirt and dust), protective hard or lacquer coatings, tinting and even mirror coatings that can be integrated into your lenses. Some of these coatings like UV protection, scratch resistance and clean coatings are beneficial to everybody, whereas other coatings may depend on appearance or lifestyle. When you order your glasses from Cathy Curtis at You & Eye Optical, you can discuss the options that best suit your requirements.

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computer and office glasses

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prescription sunglasses

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progressive glasses

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sport and swimming goggles

If you’re engaged in competitive sport or if you enjoy physical activity as an interest or hobby, appropriate eyewear fitted with your prescription lenses should be your highest priority. Depending on the activity, you should always be seeking at least UV protection and you should never risk even the slightest possibility of eye injury.


safety glasses and goggles

Experts believe that the right eye protection could have lessened the severity or prevented 90% of eye injuries in workplace and other accidents. Risks of eye injury including high speed objects, chemicals, dust infections and intense light to name just a few, could be prevented with prescription safety glasses.

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Bespoke frames

bespoke frames

Our bespoke eyewear and frames are crafted specifically to suit your face in materials that optimise comfort, style and durability. You & Eye Optical will guide you from the first consultation through to the final fitting of your custom made glasses and custom made sunglasses.

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Designer frames

designer frames

You & Eye Optical stock designer prescription glasses that are innovative, stylish and manufacture for the comfort and self-confidence of their customers. Check out our range of designer frames from designers with a strong tradition in optical design

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