Sport and Swimming Goggles

If you’re engaged in competitive sport or if you enjoy physical activity as an interest or hobby, appropriate eyewear fitted with your prescription lenses should be your highest priority. Depending on the activity, you should always be seeking at least UV protection and you should never risk even the slightest possibility of eye injury. Modern sport goggles with prescriptions are made with additional cushioning around the perimeter of the lens to absorb impact and optimise comfort and sport glasses with prescriptions are very lightweight, shatterproof, streamlined, durable and comfortable.

Experiencing underwater activities swimming, water polo, snorkeling and scuba diving with the clarity of prescription goggles is a completely different and exciting experience. Prescription glasses or goggles with prescription lenses for tennis, squash, cricket and high impact sports will improve your performance and significantly reduce the likelihood of injury. Squash balls in particular, are notorious for causing serious eye injuries while elbows and fingers can cause injury during high impact sports.

Other sports requiring either injury or UV protection from prescription glasses or goggles include cycling, skiing, horse riding, rock climbing and fishing. If you plan on travelling, order your prescription goggles in Sydney before you leave. Prescription goggles in Australia, remote areas specifically, may be difficult to find and put you and your holiday at risk. Don’t leave home without them.

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