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In the summer months sunglasses are just about our most important accessory for style and UV protection. UV light can cause a range of problems including cataracts, pterygia and skin cancers as well as making the skin around the eye prone to wrinkles from squinting. You can have You & Eye Optical fill your prescription with polarised lenses in the most stylish frames from specialist manufacturers of designer sunglasses that are not readily available from other opticians. You & Eye Optical pick their sunglasses from designers who make glasses for style, durability and comfort. If you are wanting prescription sunglasses in Sydney that are distinguished from the stock available at larger retailers with the personal care and service that you should expect from healthcare professionals, make an appointment with You & Eye Optical.

If you happen to be attached to your frames or if you like the idea of just having the one pair of glasses we can supply transitions lenses which change tint in sunlight, or you can get frames with matching clip-on sunglasses.

Like any prescriptions, your designer sunglasses are so important that you should have a second pair. A short trip to You & Eye Opticals for sunglasses in Sydney CBD is better than having a holiday or an outing and not having your sunglasses.

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