orthokeratology (ortho K)

Orthokeratology or OrthoK is an advanced form of contact lens that gently reshapes the front of your eye while you sleep. It is non-surgical, completely reversible, and results in clear vision all day, allowing you to work, study and play without lenses or glasses.

Orthokeratology contact lenses work best if you have low to moderate short-sightedness (that is, if you wear glasses to see in the distance). OrthoK contact lenses can slow or stop the progression of short-sightedness and is ideal for teenagers, or even children. The retainer lenses are only worn while you sleep, leaving your natural daytime vision clear.

Ask about the suitability of OrthoK if you: lose glasses or contact lenses often; if you have allergies or dry eyes that make it difficult to wear lenses; if you play contact or water sport; if you aren’t quite sure about laser refractive surgery or if you just want the freedom to see without glasses or contacts!

For treatment of Orthokeratology in Sydney contact You & Eye Optical. We will provide a full assessment for suitability and a quote for how much OrthoK lenses cost.

OrthoK contact lenses from You and Eye Sydney corrects your vision for freedom from glasses and lenses during waking hours.

You can read more about Ortho-K here  or  make an appointment to see Cathy to find out if Ortho-K could be right for you.

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