Optometry Services

Retinal photography is now available

This latest technology can record a clear image of the back of your eye as a general health check, or to monitor for signs of glaucoma, blood pressure, diabetes, macular degeneration, retinal tears, or many other conditions.

Products We Supply

We have a laboratory on site where we fit lenses ourselves and do repairs, therefore providing quick service and the highest quality control.

  • Spectacle frames – major designer labels
  • Prescription lenses
  • Sunglasses
  • Contact lenses – hard, soft, disposable & conventional, clear & tinted
  • Contact lens solutions
  • Accessories – cases, cleaning sprays & cloths, cords, clip-ons etc

Major Brands

Thin lenses for Thick prescriptions

Technological advances have created a variety of plastic high index lenses. Cosmetically more attractive because they are lighter, thinner and flatter than lenses made from conventional materials.These lenses are available with all the coatings – Scratch resistant, UV and anti-reflective. Combined with the new fashion in smaller frames, even people who used to hate their glasses will find a pair that looks good!

Contact Lenses

For a change on the weekend or a all-out transformation, contact lenses are the way to go. Improvements in design mean that they are now available for most prescriptions, including astigmatism, and there are even options for bifocal wearers. Daily disposables are great for sporty people who lose lenses often.

Laser Surgery

If you are considering a more dramatic step towards correcting your vision, an optometrist is available on the premises who can assist you in learning more about this procedure and refer you to the right place for the best result.