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You & Eye Optical already provides friendly, knowledgeable and professional service when choosing prescription frames, sunglasses and contact lenses. We have access to a wide range of suppliers and can also dispense protective sports and recreational eyewear.

We can put your prescription into a range of goggles so you can see more clearly when:

  • swimming, snorkelling or scuba diving
  • playing football, squash, lacrosse, basketball, etc
  • skiing
  • motocross
  • skydiving

Sports and recreational eyewear comes in many forms. Whether it’s for casual weekend sports or your lifelong passion, here at You & Eye Optical, we want and can give you the correct eyewear.

Goggles have extra padding and protection to absorb impact, and lenses that are shatterproof and scratch-resistant. This means that if you are hit with a ball or other sporting equipment, or by another player, your eyes are protected. This is particularly important in fast ball sports or high impact sports where a ball or elbow can make contact with the eye itself.

The benefit of having your prescription in goggles is that your vision is the best it can be while pursuing your passion – imagine seeing the underwater world with the same clarity that you get on dry land. For both swimming and scuba/snorkelling goggles, you can insert ready-made lenses in both plus and minus (which can be different for each eye) and prescription lenses can be fitted to swimming goggles and or a scuba diving / snorkelling mask. All lenses have UV protection and anti-fog treatment. There is also an easy stick-on bifocal option if you need to read your watch or air dials without interfering with your distance vision.

Come in and talk to us about your specific requirements and we can help tailor a solution for you.

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