What to Expect When Wearing Contact Lenses for the First Time

August 23, 2017

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It can be a bit of weird concept, inserting something into your eye, so you are probably wondering what you can expect when getting contact lenses for the first time.

Rest assured when you come to You and Eye in the Sydney CBD we’ll look after you. We will fit the lens to be sure it’s exact and take you through your first application as well as correct cleaning methods. We’ll teach you everything you need to know and give you some practice time to give it a go yourself. You will go home feeling comfortable, knowing exactly what you need to do, and with perfect vision.

Getting Contact Lenses For The First Time

When you buy contact lenses they will be custom made to your eye. We look at all types of unique features like the structure of your eye, your tears and visual acuity to find the best type of lens material, replacement schedule and brand for your eye.

That’s why it’s critical that you look for the best optometry services in your area to be sure that you are fitted perfectly.

Even if you only want contacts for show, like a colour or an effect lens, you will need to make an optometrist appointment as contact lenses can only be fitted by an eye care practitioner. You and Eye can assess your needs, write a prescription for the proper size, shape, power as well as recommend the best brand of lenses for your perfect vision.

We’re also here to answer any questions you might have along the way so please use your time with us to get confident and feel safe with your new contact lenses.

Contact Lens Fit

Because we fit your contact lens for you, you can be certain it’s the right fit for your eye and you know that it’s gone on correctly. When you know what feels right, it will be very easy to know when you accidently get things wrong on your own. The great news is, nothing bad will happen if you are alert and diligent. Even if you put them on inside out, just take them out, give them a proper solution clean and go again.

It is normal for there to be a slight adjustment time. If the lens takes a few seconds to settle exactly in the right place you may notice some blurry vision, however, it will only last for a second or two.

What To Expect When Wearing Contact Lenses

When a contact lens is correctly fitted you won’t feel it at all. They are designed to be comfortable and the materials used are gentle and snug.

If you do notice any burning or irritation when wearing contacts it’s probably something like a little bit of dirt or fibre that has been caught between your eye and the lens. All you need to do is rise in solution and insert again for a carefree day.

If it keeps happening you might have a small scratch on the lens. It’s not ever going to be painful, like being poked in the eye or having a stuck eyelash, it might just be noticeable or a little bit irritating. If you ever experience burning or irritation even after a clean, you need to come back into the optometrist to check on your lens and eye health.

The very first time you try contact lenses you will feel a big difference to wearing glasses. You will notice that the lenses are there at first. The feeling won’t be unpleasant or troubling, you’ll just be aware of them, like you have tears in your eyes or a feeling that something’s odd. This feeling will pass very quickly as you get used to the feeling of having the contacts in.

Some people find their eyes water a lot when they use contact lenses for the first time. It’s not a permanent thing, it’s just your eyes getting used to the sensation and they will quickly adjust and settle down. It might be handy to have some good quality clean tissues on hand when you go for your first sitting or wear contact lenses for the first time.

If you experience the feeling of dry eyes then you might like to try drops as part of your contact application. Just ask us for an example when you get your fitting.

Keeping Contact Lenses Clean

One thing you will really like about contacts is how clean they are. So many times through the day your glasses will become slightly dirty or smeared and you won’t even notice. Contacts are so clear and clean you will really see the difference. It’s like taking the windowpane out so you can see outside without the glass interfering.

For most people putting in and taking out contacts is the biggest part to get used to, we normally avoid touching our eyes. It does get easy with practice and soon becomes a very normal part of your daily routine. It is never painful and very easy to master. It is very important that you always wash your hands correctly and use the solutions to clean the lenses at night. If you are going to buy contact lenses, it’s really important that you look after your eye health and keep those eyes protected.

We would recommend going slowly your first day or two. Allow yourself to get used to the change and give yourself a break after about 3-4 hours until you feel really natural about wearing them.

How Much Are Prescription Contact Lenses?

Just like glasses, the cost really depends on what materials your contact lenses are made from, the brand, and the prescription you need.

We would love to talk to you about our price range or have you in for a look at what your best options are. No matter what your current glasses prescription is, even if you have astigmatism, talk to us about your options. If you would really like a change talk to our staff about prescription coloured contact lenses.

If you’re looking for an optometrist in the Sydney CBD, please make an appointment to visit us at Shop 6, Upper Ground floor, 10 Spring St, Sydney.

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