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How Can You Tell if Your Glasses Prescription is Wrong?

If you struggle to work on the computer, read books or make out road signs, then new glasses can be a welcome relief.  However, if blurred vision, eye strain or headaches continue, a wrong prescription could be the culprit.  A wrong prescription will not damage adult eyes, but it can be uncomfortable or painful. It […]

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blue light glasses

Is it Worth Investing in Blue Light Lenses?

You’re probably aware that spending a lot of time looking at screens can lead to eye strain and fatigue. You might have also heard reports that electronic screens produce a lot of ‘blue light’ that can harm your eyes.

Let’s look at what blue light is, what it does and when a filter might be needed.

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scratches on eyeglasses

Can You Get Scratches Out of Glasses?

A small scratch might not be particularly noticeable when you have your glasses on. Larger or multiple scratches can be distracting though, and may even obscure your vision.

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Conjunctivitis symptoms

Is Conjunctivitis Contagious?

Conjunctivitis is a common eye infection, especially in children. There are three different types of conjunctivitis – bacterial, viral and allergic.

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Glaucoma symptoms and treatment

What is Glaucoma? Cause, Symptoms and Treatment

The term glaucoma refers to a group of eye diseases that cause damage to the optic nerve, leading to vision loss. In most cases, the loss of sight will be gradual, and the problem may not be detected until a considerable amount of peripheral (side) vision has been lost. In fact, according to Glaucoma Australia, 50% of those with the disease don’t know they have it.

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benefits of prescription safety glasses

A Guide to Safety Glasses

According to Optometry Australia’s ‘2020 Occupational Optometry Guide’, up to 90% of eye injuries are preventable and 60% of them happen in the workplace. In the home, 21% of Australians have sustained an eye injury through a DIY project. Many of these could be prevented by safety glasses – but only 12% of people always […]

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symptoms of a migraine attack

What are Ocular and Visual Migraines?

Migraines can have a devastating effect on people’s lives, causing headaches so severe they can immobilise a person. Migraines that affect eyesight come in two types: ocular and visual, both accompanied by temporary changes to the eyesight. We explore the symptoms of ocular and visual migraines, their causes and what you can do to prevent […]

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causes of computer eye strains

Reducing Eye Strain When Using a Computer

If you spend most of your day staring into a computer monitor at work and at home, you probably get eye strain. It’s unavoidable in our digital age, but you can do things to lessen the impact of repeated computer use. Let’s look at the causes of computer screen eye strain and what you can […]

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COVID-19 and Eye Exams: What’s Essential?

COVID-19 has affected everyone’s lives, both personal and professional. It’s also affected our healthcare system, with many hospitals performing still only essential surgeries. The same applies to optometrists. After a period of offering essential or emergency services and taking safety measures to protect staff and clients in order to help prevent transmission of the virus, […]

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computer glasses with ergonomic design

Computer Glasses: Designed to Meet the Demands for the Modern Workplace

Before you fill your next prescription it would be a good idea to stop and think about how versatile you need your glasses to be. It’s likely that you have a standard prescription for reading and you use it for your computer monitor, your handheld device, reading a book and probably even the specials board in your favourite restaurant. If so, you may be experiencing…

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